What People Are Saying About Us

"We use VideoDep because of their professional and accommodating attitude. The professionals at VideoDep use uniform equipment which means every video has the same excellent visual and auditory standard.  They use cutting edge technology and the self-enclosed deposition software is easy to use and impressive in front of a jury".

Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.

Burg Simpson

"I have used VideoDep for years.  They are a family owned business who cares about the customer.  They provide seamless and professional services from start to finish.  They can produce depositions in all formats, as well as accommodate our videoconferencing needs.  In this world of competition, service and quality matter to me, and that is why I choose VideoDep".

Kathleen Wieneke, Esq.

Wieneke Law Group

"I have worked with Bill and his team at VideoDep since the early 1990s and have always found them to be courteous, knowledgeable and professional.  They provide impeccable service and are great to work with.  Very Professional"!

Jane Doyle, Owner

JD Reporting, Inc.

"I have had the distinct pleasure of using Bill Marinakis of VideoDep on a number of important depositions, and have found him to be a highly-skilled and a extremely professional videographer.  One of the concerns that I used to have when deciding whether to videotape a deposition was the level of intrusion and disruption the videotaping process might have on the deposition.  With VideoDep, that concern has been completely eliminated.  The equipment VideoDep uses is state-of-the-art, unobtrusive, and the videotaping of the deposition has gone seamlessly.  The sychronized end-product by VideoDep is also user-friendly and the video quality is excellent".

Anthony J. Hancock, Esq.

Beaugureau, Hancock, Stoll & Swartz, P.C.

"I've used VideoDep for more than 15 years now and have received perfect service and product every time.  Their equipment is state-of-the-art.  Bill (Owner) was even able to help us fix a very poor quality video recording that came from an out-of-state vendor!  I wouldn't use anyone else".

Julie Ottmar, Owner

Ottmar & Associates

"VideoDep is without a doubt a court reporters friend.  They go above and beyond to accomodate the court reporter by providing electric power, head phones, laptop computer stands, and a clear high quality audio sync hookup.  They put my clients at ease, knowing that VideoDep will produce a high quality product in a timely manner.  They demonstrate patience and professionalism when addressing clients questions and concerns, with a high degree of knowledge and experience".

Sandra Waldo, CSR

Griffin & Associates

"Bill Marinakis has been video-recording all of my depositions for at least the last 10 years.  He is professional and unobtrusive, in the simplest and most complex deposition settings.  His product is professional, and timely.  I have never had difficulty with use or admissibility.  If I need something special, Bill always gets it, and everything is at a reasonable cost".

Robert Hommel, Esq.

Robert J. Hommel, P.C.

"Our law firm has utilized Bill Marinakis at VideoDep for our audio and video needs for close to 15 years.  We have always found VideoDep to produce high quality products, be very reliable, and are flexible and easy to work with.  VideoDep has helped us stay current with today's rapidly changing technology.  We will continue to rely on VideoDep for years to come.

Libby Short, Social Media Marketing Director

Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C.

"Bill Marinakis and VideoDep have done my work for over a decade.  They provide excellent service and get the job done right every time.  I would recommend Bill and VideoDep for any job, big or small".

John Checkett, Esq. 

Checkett Law Firm, PLLC

"We have used VideoDep for over 10 years.  Bill and the team at VideoDep are out go-to videographers because of their professionalism and reliability are exceptional".

Olivier Beabeau, Esq.

Galbut & Galbut, P.C.

"Our firm has used VideoDep for many years.  The end product delivered by VideoDep is quality, it's accurate, it is on time and I know that it is right.  VideoDep is flexible and creative.  VideoDep is careful to adjust to changing situations in a deposition.  We can count on them in any situation.  I would like to go on the record and say that VideoDep is a great litigation partner"!

Joyce Van Cott, Esq.

Van Cott & Talamante, P.A.

"In the collective 100 years of experience of the partners in our commercial litigation law firm, we have never encountered a videographer better than Bill Marinakis and his team at VideoDep.  From depositions, to preparation of demonstrative evidence, to computer graphics and displays, VideoDep gets the job done well, unobtrusively, on time and at a quality level that is second to none".

Daniel Dowd, Managing Partner

Cohen Dowd Quigley  

"I've used VideoDep, Inc. to cover my firm's videographic needs for several years now.  Their videographers have shown finesse at staying out of the way of the discovery proceeding while capturing an accurate record of the subject matter on film.  Thy won't dissapoint"!

Nathan J. Fidel, Esq.

Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, PC

"I have known and worked with Bill for over 20 years.  His work is always professional and any revisions or edits are done on time and correctly.  VideoDep is my go to company for any of my legal video needs".

Kevin Garrison, Esq.

The Garrison Law Firm

"In my forty years of freelance court reporting, I definitely prefer to work with VideoDep.  Their professionalism, state-of-the-art technology, attention to detail, prompt service, and most importantly, their courtesy of everybody they come in contact with sets them apart and above everybody else in their field.  I recommend them highly to anyone needing videography services".

Sharon McPartlin, CSR

Valley Court Reporting, LLC

"Bill is a pleasure to work with!  He is attentive, thorough, and always ensures we have a quality video record of our depositions".

Ashlee Fletcher, Esq.

Struck Love, PLLC

"In a significant case I think it almost is malpractice no to video record depositions.  Not only does the camera help control the witness, video is a much more compelling way to present testimony for settlement and trial purposes.  In a recent large personal injury case VideoDep recorded nearly thirty depositions for me , and I used snippets from those depositions very effectively at mediation.  Dori is great with scheduling and the videographers are professional.  I love working with Bill and the other folks and recommend them highly".

Douglas Belknap, Esq.

Douglas A. Belknap, P.C.

"Bill, I want to thank you for going above and beyond when you were asked to help with getting the live audio feed from the medical boards set up.  You spent many hours making sure things went smoothly and, when they didn't , you went out of your way to get it figured out!!!  Thanks for recommending the headphone amplifier also.  It has helped out tremendously with the difficult medical board hearings.  You have always been professional and eager to help in any way you could.  I still remember being hesitant to hook up to your audio feed in videotaped depositions years ago because I didn't know what I was doing.  You showed me each time until I was confident to adjust my settings on my computer on my own.  Thanks for all of your patience and always being professional and helpful.  I will continue to recommend you for video jobs.  Thanks again".

Mary Davis, CSR

Ottmar & Associates

 "In my 33-Year career as a trial lawyer, I have personally conducted  over 1500 depositions.  In the past ten years, almost all of those  depositions have been videotaped.  Our firm did our best due diligence  to find the best firm in the country to do the work, to insure the  character and quality of excellence that our clients require and pay  for.  We found one firm, and only one firm, happily in the valley of the  sun, we use them exclusively.  VideoDep simply reflects excellence.  We  have set criteria at our law firm for all of our work; our clients  expect the best.  The best is defined as excellences in character,  quality and service to match.   In our experience with VideoDep; that  now spans more than 15 years, we have never had a stumble.  The product  arrives on time; the highest quality equipment is available from  VideoDep, and their operators exude professionalism.  Their leadership  through Bill is simply suberb.  It is appropriate form my discussion of  VideoDep to be on the record, because the very record that we utilize,  to make sure that we have visual impact is our testimony, is that record  that is created by VideoDep.  Let my record, talking about them be  clear.  They have no peer in what they do.  The service is excellent,  the pricing is fair, and the quality of their work is always the same.   On the record, Superb!" 

Ronald Jay Cohen, Chairman

Cohen Dowd Quigley


"Bill, you guys are the best!!  I really mean that!  I appreciate  everything you do for us.  We definitely use you for all of our video  depositions.  I know I can always count on you!  Thanks again!"

Cyndi Morris-Crowe

Morris-Crowe Court Reporting, LLC

".....   Perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay your firm is that I never knew  you were there once the deposition started, but I was keenly aware of  your presence when I looked at the excellent footage later.... I have  seen a number of lawyers in my years of practice and am keenly aware  that not all lawyers practice at the same high level of skill and  professionalism.  I have also, over the years, seen many videographers  and have come to the same conclusion about them.  I can say, however,  without equivocation, that VideoDep has no peer in the marketplace.  I  wish you and your company well and you may rest assured that as my  firm's clients require videographer services, the first name that I will  call will be VideoDep."

Michael R. Glover, 

Glover & Van Cott, P.A.

"VideoDep  has been my videographer for over 12 years, and has provided the  ultimate in quality service.  Bill and his team go the "extra mile" in  order to assure that each deposition runs smoothly and professionally.   They are all pleasant to work with and constantly strive to find ways  to assist the court reporter in making the best possible record.  The  one word to describe Bill and his company is quality.  There are many  legal videographers, but Bill and VideoDep demonstrate the highest  quality services and products.  I would recommend VideoDep in any  circumstances, and have.  I have the highest confidence in Bill."

Doreen Sutton, Certified Court Reporter, Past President of Arizona Court Reporters Association
D.S. Reporting, Inc.

"I've  had the pleasure of working with Bill and VideoDep for fifteen years.   If you want a videographer who is prompt, professional, and prepared,  Bill is it."

Natalie D. Collins, Esq.

Bode & Collins, PLC

"Bill  and his crew at VideoDep are world-class.  Beyond the great product,  VideoDep's professionalism and client service are unsurpassed.  We would  not use anyone else."

Laura Kennedy, Esq.

Cohen Kennedy Dowd & Quigley


"I have been using VideoDep and their services for at least 10 years,  I have found their quality to be unsurpassed; and I have used other  video deposition services.  I use VideoDep apart from other video  deposition services primarily because of the efficiency that the work is  done; it is delivered always on time, it is always high quality with  many options, many choices.  I find that the resolution of the product  is crisp and bright, the audio is clear and there is no mumbling, no  background noises, it is a very well done product.  I would like to go  on the record and say that VideoDep is the video deposition service to use if you want fast timely service that will make you and your clients feel at ease and comfortable with the end product."

Frederick Cummings, Esq.

Dickinson & Wright, PLLC

"I  just wanted to share with you how impressed we have been with your  videographers.  VideoDep is professional, always prepared and definitely  a step above the rest.  We are involved in litigation that has taken us  across the States for video depositions and your firm is unmatched in  so many ways... personality, professionalism, service, assistance,  quality!!! Way to go VideoDep team on a job ALWAYS well done!"

Amy Abdo, Esq.

Fennemore Craig, P.C.

"As  a freelance court reporter, Bill's company VideoDep was the only  videographer that I would ever consider using (and I have worked with  others in the past).  He is a consummate collaborator for any project  that you assign to him.  He would many times educate me on  state-of-the-art equipment and products, assisting me to provide the  best product to my clients.  If I or my client wasn't sure what we may  need, Bill could always guide us and provide the best solution.  I have  recommend Bill's work many times to many associates and will continue to  do so.  Bill has also assisted me on personal projects at no charge,  making him not only a good business partner, but a good friend and I  would venture to guess that I am not the only client of his with that  experience."  (Amy Bowler, Court Reporter, Bowler Reporting)."

Amy Bowler, Paralegal

Dalimonte Rueb & Stoller, LLP

I have always found Bill to be extremely professional, reliable and personable.  I would highly recommend VideoDep!"

Sharon Haynes, Esq.
Assistant City Attorney
City of Phoenix Attorneys Office

"Great results, Expert, High Integrity."

Niki Undril, Senior Paralegal
Cohen Kennedy Dowd & Quigley

"Bill  is extremely conscientious in providing his services and always  delivers a high-quality product.  Simply put, he is someone I can  trust.  Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  Hired  Bill as a videographer in 1998."

Ryan Talamante, Esq.
Van Cott and Talamante, PLLC

"VideoDep  is an exemplary legal video production company.  In working with  VideoDep over the past ten years, they have provided this firm with  prompt and accurate quality of work.  The videographers at VideoDep have  always demonstrated a professional attitude and appearance along with a  great degree of competence in all our videotaping needs.  Over the  years, we have established a pleasurable working relationship with Bill,  Dori, and Vicki and each of them has done an outstanding job for our  firm.  They have always been accommodating in terms of rapid delivery of  videotapes, and are friendly and pleasant to work with. Thank you,  VideoDep, for the fine quality work that you provide to our firm."

Debra Timmerman, Litigation Assistant
Solomon & Relihan

"We  have been using VideoDep's services for years.  We have always received  professional, friendly, exceptional service from them.  We have  recommended them anyone who has asked about videotaping.  It is always a  pleasure to work with anyone at their office.."

Cal Bowler, Owner
Bowler Reporting Service

"Bill  provided first rate services as a videographer for depositions we have  taken.  He has the unique ability to put both lawyers and witnesses at  ease in what can be a very stressful situation.  He also pays attention  to every technical detail to ensure that we get a high quality recording  of testimony every time.  Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High  Integrity.  First Hired Bill as a videographer in 2010."

Douglas Folk, Esq.
Clark Hill, PLC

"My  firm has used Bill and VideoDep many times (since 2006).  We have  always been extremely happy with their work.  I would recommend them to  anyone."

Scott Palumbo, Esq.
Palumbo & Wolfe, P.A.

"I  have used Bill and his company VideoDep, Inc. to take video depositions  in various civil litigation cases.  I highly recommend him and VideoDep  for such video depositions."

Alan Holcomb, Esq.
Halcomb Law Firm, P.C. 

"My  firm has been in business in the Phoenix Metropolitan area for 50  years.  During that time I have had occasions to use the services of  several different video production companies; none, however, match the  level of service that we receive from VideoDep.  For the last fifteen  years we have exclusively retained the services of VideoDep.  They have  consistently provided to us and our clients reliable, professional and  quality legal video production service.  We are confident that when  VideoDep is on the job that the proper procedures will be followed and  that they will always demonstrate a respect for the legal process in  their appearance and demeanor.  We are proud to use VideoDep and would  recommend them without reservation to anyone that demands exceptional  quality and courteous service."

JB Brown, Owner
Brown & Toleu, Ltd.
Court Reporters

"Bill  is a great videographer.  We use him for depostions.  He is efficient,  professional, and a great value. First hired Bill in 1999."

Chris Gooch, Esq.
Fennemore Craig, P.C.

"We  have used the services of VideoDep for several years now and have found  them to be very professional, using state-of-the-art equipment, and  following the legal video guidelines set forth by the NCRA in it's  Certified Legal Video Specialist program.  Bill Marinakis, a CLVS  himself, is punctual, personable, and professional at all times.  We  have been very pleased with their services, as have our clients."

Jean Lea, Owner
Lea, Sherman & Habeski
Court Reporters

"I  have used Bill's Videographer services multiple times for depositiions  (since 2004).  I have always been pleased with his services, personally  and professionally."

Don Bivens, Esq,
Snell & Wilmer, P.C.

"Bill (and his staff) are professional, personable, and reliable.  You will not be disappointed!"

Kelly Belfry, Sr. Corporate & Compliance Paralegal
NJOY, Inc.

"VideoDep,  Inc. are court reporters friends.  They are always ready for the court  reporter with electrical power, head-phones, laptop stands and  audio-sync connection.  They put my clients at ease, and conduct  themselves with the utmost professionalism."

Sandy Waldo, RPR
Griffin & Associates

"I  just wanted to write a short note to thank all the employees at  VideoDep for the outstanding services that they have been providing to  us over the years.  VideoDep has always been professional, courteous and  on more than one occasion, provided us with a videographer at a moments  notice.  Thank you again, and keep up the good work."

Susan Christensen, Legal Assistant
Barry E. Lewin, Esq.
Lewin & Schneider, P.C.

"VideoDep  has provided excellent videotaping services at depositions for me for  over 10 years.  Not only do they provide fast and reliable local  service, but we utilize their services when we travel to take  depositions out-of-state, most recently in New York City."

Preston H. Longino, Esq.
Law Offices of Preston H. Longino, P.C.

"VideoDep  is unquestionably the best and most professional group of videographers  in the business.  I just won a seven figure jury verdict, and I credit  much of my success to having videos synchronized with my computer.   VideoDep makes it possible for an attorney to use pictures instead of  words.  This is very jury friendly.  An enormous amount of time and  expense was saved by playing videos of witnesses in my recent four week  trial.  The jury seemed to enjoy switching from live witnesses to  televised.  I use VideoDep in all my cases.  They are on time, prepared,  and courteous."

Terry H. Pillinger, Certified Trial Specialist, Former Superior Court Judge PT
Terry H. Pillinger, P.C.

"When  dealing with Bill and everyone else at VideoDep you get a great sense  of integrity and knowledge that pervades everything they do.  High  quality, focus and detail oriented is the order of the day.  They have  been in business a long time and that depth of experience shines through  in everything they do.  Highly recommended."

John Oliver,
Commercial Real Estate
Referral Marketing, Business, Start-up

"VideoDep  is the only video company that I trust to connect my audio sync, their  expertise, professionalism and work product is unmatched."

Pamela Giffin, RPR
BB&S Reporting, LLC